Top 6 Summer Skin Care Tips to Follow

by Munim

Yes, summer is the season to sit back and enjoy free days at the beach, but sun heat can make our skin look dull and black; leading to dark spots, wrinkles and pigmentation. UVA rays are damaging during this season, therefore, it is important for us to follow some expert skincare routine related to beating the heat and staying beautiful throughout the season.

How to protect our skin during summers?

In this blog, we have discussed a few go-to skin care hacks that will transform dull skin to amazing. Let’s have a look below!

1. Give skin a steam massage

Before start exfoliating, it is recommended to prep skin first. Steaming is a relaxing way to maximize skin hydration and help us get a dewy complexion. If we visit the spa, we see that experts first prep our skin by steaming that help soften up the pores and allow products to absorb better.  

2. Exfoliate at regular intervals

Exfoliation helps to make our skin look brighter as it slough away the accumulated dirt that clogs pores over time. But it is advisable to invest in a good quality exfoliator that can easily remove dead cells and help maintain balanced skin. Try exfoliating 2 times a week using a circulatory motion. Also, do not over-exfoliate the skin otherwise; it will lead to breakouts, redness, and rashes.

3. Moisturizing is a must-have

Some of us think that moisturizing should only be done in the winter season and so skip that part in summers. This is absolutely wrong! Moisturizing is essential in all seasons and there is no other way to look hydrated. Before picking up a moisturizer, be sure to know the skin type. If someone has dry skin, he or she must buy an oil-based moisturizer and if it’s oily, go for the water-based.  

4. Drink more water

To make skin look younger and glowing, we need to drink a lot of water in summers. The problem we usually face in summers is that our body sweats a lot, so to maintain moisture levels in the body we need to keep proper check and balance of daily water intake. Ideally, it is recommended by experts to drink 8-12 glasses of water every day. Moreover, to maintain healthy skin, we should add fresh vegetables, fruits, and juices in our routine diet.

5. Invest in a good sunscreen

There is nothing more damaging than stepping out without wearing a good sunscreen. Remember, prevention is better than cure. We shouldn’t leave home without protection otherwise sun rays will make our skin super dry with visible fine lines and brown spots all over the face. Choose a good quality sunscreen with SPF 60 (at least) and reapply it every few hours.

6. Lip care

Lips are the prominent feature of our face so it requires the equal amount of care as our skin does.  The hot sun rays dry our delicate lip tissues while we enjoy swimming or a pleasant walk on the beach. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a luscious lip balm which has SPF in it.

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