This DIY Tracker Can Get Back Stolen Car in Minutes

by Munim
DIY Tracker Can Get Back Stolen Car

There’s no other scary feeling like it. A person stops for an evening coffee, come back to the place where the car was parked … and it’s gone. Panic!!! He or she runs along the street hoping to find the car but it’s nowhere.

Is there anything that guarantees our car won’t get steal?

Nope, nothing. But car owners can improve their odds without spending much on car security. The ability to be able to locate a stolen car on time, especially in a remote location, is the matter of life and death. To all my friends, today’s smartphones (the secret of car protection) allow car owners to track their vehicles through GPS. With DIY Tracking device, a car owner can get access to real-time location updates and trip history.

Why invest in expensive trackers when we have smartphones?

No matter if we have auto-alarming devices and a tracker fitted in our cars, it hardly takes a few minutes for a thief to run away with our expensive car. So those car owners who want to protect their beloved automobile without spending much on car insurance or expensive tracker systems, this blog is designed to spread awareness about home-made DIY car tracker.

1. Get a smartphone- A useful anti-theft device for car owners!!!

The first question that comes to in our mind is that “Do we need to buy an expensive phone? The answer is NO. We can buy any low price smartphone with a powerful battery (like Nokia phones have a good battery).

2. Choose the best network connection

To stay connected with the hidden mobile phone, an owner need to choose the best network available in the country.

3. Keep the phone in SILENT mode

Turn the phone on complete SILENT mode. It should not also vibrate.

4. Wrap it up

To protect a phone from dust, it is advisable to wrap it up in a plastic sheet so that it shouldn’t get dusty during its hidden use. Moreover, make sure that the phone is perfectly responding by calling its number from another phone.

5. Where can we hide our smartphone?

There’s no specific place to hide a phone. Just make sure to hide it in a safe place inside the car.

6. Keep a phone charged

Take care of the charging of the mobile phone. Charge it at least twice a week.

Final words- Don’t Forget Your Responsibility!

Being a responsible citizen, it’s your duty to inform the nearest Police station about your stolen car immediately. Or you can call their toll free number to register the complaint. Give them the phone number of the mobile hidden in your stolen car. By calling that number, police can easily track the location and the chances are that you may get back your stolen car within the shortest possible time.

Thank you for reading!

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Good luck!

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