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Writing hundreds of lines of code and converting it into a website is very intricate. However, this is a creative thing for web developers. If you are thrilled to see many cool websites and think of going yourself, you must open your eyes and say some important things to know as a web developer.

Web Design Services that attract users’ attention cannot be done just by learning different programming languages. You may need to learn other concepts such as Devil’s Tools, Data Format, Testing, API, Authentication, and more. Here we will cover some important things to know as a web developer.


The first and most valuable skills or knowledge that every developer needs to acquire are the three basic blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Use HTML and CSS at the front of the interface. Right-click your web browser and click the Open Page Source option. It shows the structure of your website, where many HTML tags are used for different purposes.

CSS is also used at the front-end to determine the style, layout, design, and HTML elements displayed on the screen.

Recently, the demand for JavaScript has been increasing. Its main purpose is to make HTML pages dynamic and interactive. JavaScript provides several languages, such as PHP, Python, and ASP.net, to make your website more interactive. If you are familiar with JavaScript like MEAN stack and MREN stack, you will be immersed in this language as it is front-end and back-end language.

  1. Git and Github

Git is a popular version of the control system used by most organizations. If you want to get a job as a web developer, you need to handle this version. As a result, you should spend time learning the formation and basic commands such as cloning, pushing to repositories, query creation, and branch integration.

Gut Hub is a service that allows you to push your Gut storage to host your code. You can use it for cooperation and collaboration.  Besides, it allows developers to collaborate on projects.

  1. API (application programming interface)

Web development basically does a lot of work with APIs that handle third party data. This allows developers to use certain features without sharing the code. It has a large API GitHub repository that can be used for many purposes and offers a lot of project ideas.

We encourage you to learn about the Rest API using HTTP application methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE), Building Rest API, and CRUD operation (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Encourage multiple status codes, data formats (JSON, HTML, or XML) used in the application.

  1. Test-driven growth and behavioral development (TDD and BDD)

Without a solid background here, jobs in a series development team will quickly pull you out of the pool of candidates. The process of preparing tests and specifications before writing the code in your application ensures adequate coverage of your application at the micro and macro levels. Wikipedia articles on BDD are a great resource for more information on TDD and BDD, but when learning, be sure to follow the best practice tutorials for your language/choice framework. Make Avoid lessons that do not mention TDD or BDD.

  1. Caching

Speed is one of the most influential factors in getting the best user experience on the web. Unfortunately, it is difficult for developers to figure out how to design and implement good caching strategies. Relying on an unnecessary number of calls to a database or file system is a great way to slow things down and frustrate users. The web developer retrieves the amount of data in memory as much as possible (similar to Memcache) and processes it at the file system level to prevent making calls to a database.

As a new developer, don’t expect to know everything overnight. It takes a year to reach at proficient level.  However the process of learning never be end.

Just start coding and see where your interest sends you!

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