Nasal Congestion: 15 Precautions to Take before Clearing Newborn’s Stuffy Nose

by Munim
15 Precautions to Take before Clearing Newborn’s Stuffy Nose

Newborns, most of the times suffer from the stuffy nose because of a narrow nasal passage that leads to uncomfortable breathing. So, it is necessary to take care of the nose blockage of a little one for his or her restful, comfortable sleep. Also, clearing the nasal passage reduces the chances of infections.

 What products are safe to use?

There are many new products to get rid of tiny nose mucus. However, finding the right one is a challenging task for new moms. Most new parents invest in a rubber bulb syringe kit and it works pretty well. Likewise, a nasal aspirator and many new products are available in the market that may be even more efficient in cleaning a stuffy little nose.

Note: Nasopharyngeal (NP) Suctioning is done by a nurse or doctor in a few cases. But frequent NPS is not allowed as it may lead to swelling inside a baby’s nose. Also, the procedure should not go long as it may cause discomfort to a baby.

Best Precautions to Use Nasal Aspirator

  • It would be convenient to clean the little one’s nose during his or her bath-time or before bedtime.
  • Mucus can be thick. It is advisable to use a saltwater solution to make it thin to remove.
  • Aggressive suctioning may inflame the little one nose. So, the process should be gentle; otherwise, bleeding will start in the nasal tissues.
  •  Suctioning the baby nose every other day may damage its lining. So avoid it.
  • Use a baby nose sucker once or twice a week.
  • Always squeeze a little (not more than 2 to 3 drops) of solution into the baby’s nose.
  • A baby might sneeze out some solution but do not worry; the drops will still make their way into the nostril.
  • Over usage of drops might dry out the nose and make it worse than before.
  • After usage of aspiration, wipe around the nostrils without putting pressure.
  • Clean and syringe well all the parts of the device with warm soapy water.
  • Rinse well and dry out.
  • Remember; never do the procedure after feeding or nursing. Otherwise, it may lead to vomiting.
  • While buying a nasal aspirator or sucker ensure to buy the quality one specially designed for tiny nostrils––a bad quality aspirator may harm baby’s nostrils.
  • Before purchasing a sucker, read ‘how to use directions ‘written on the back of the product. Follow them and test the suction before use.
  • Never touch a newborn with dirty hands. Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer before using a nose sucker.

Last words

Hope you got enough information to use an aspirator to clean your tiny one nose in a safe manner. Before you choose an appropriate method, it is advisable to consult with your baby’s doctor about the best way to clean his nose.

Thank you for reading!

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