Meet the 23 Years Old Model Known as ‘The Russian Kim Kardashian’

by Munim
Model Known as ‘The Russian Kim Kardashian’

Unfortunately not every woman is blessed with killer curves, flawless skin, perfect hair, designer wardrobes, and million to spend in one day. We know that the Holly wood world is full of these beauties but one celebrity who is famous for her extraordinary curves inspires everyone. Any guesses? Yes, we’re talking about the strong and confident “Kim Kardashian.” She is known for her signature style that every woman loves to copy.

Now, in this blog, we are going to introduce the 23 years old model named “Anastasiya Kvitko” who has been linked to the reality star ‘KK’ and had been since followed by above 2.6million followers on Instagram––where she proudly displays her curvy figure and refused to slim down.

Haven’t our dreams come true?  

Proud to flaunt her 37.4 inches (95cm) bust, 24.7 inchces (63cm) waist and 41.3 inch (105cm) hips, the model has been linked to brunette beauty Kim Kardashian, the love of all. Anastasiya believes her “feminine form and almond complexion” well define her model look. Like Kim, she is also a selfie lover and her instagram is full of her selfie clicks––the internet is going crazy over her bold style.

The girl is originally from Kaliningrad (a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea) is now based in Miami. She started modelling at the age of 17. Though her first modelling agency suggests her to lose some weight which she refused confidently and all the fame was began from there.

The sexy Anastasiya was first noticed by Anvar Norov–– famous fashion photographer who asked her to continue modelling and continue on this path. In her interview with Sputnik (state-owned Russian news agency), when asked about getting popularity all over the world, she replied, “I think the popularity is because of my feminine forms which is natural and I haven’t been through any plastic surgery. She further added “I don’t know why people are comparing me with the legendary Kim Kardashian whose curves are far better than me.”

Despite social media speculation, the Russian beauty denies of going through surgical procedures to enlarge her breast, nor did she plan to that. Moreover, she got indulged in a spot of waist training just like Kardashian sisters corset craze.

When asked about her social media post regarding shape posed health problems, Anastasiya said, “I love sport; I exercise my bust and whole body, because its good to strengthen muscles. Also, I like to sleep on my stomach. On social media, people often write to me in personal messages and comments, how do I manage to sleep on my stomach with such heavy bre*sts? But it’s what I do.”

Anastasiya, famed for her racy pictures might be involved in a booty cold war with Kardashian, who is already known for big bum. The model is hopeful to become successful same as her inspiration is who got married to great rapper Kanye West. Also, she starts getting a lot of offers from advertisement agencies in the US.

Now we can see another wonderful lady who loves her body the way it is and became an inspiration for others.

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