Is Weed the Biggest Cause Of Rising Emergency Room Visits?

by Munim
Weed the Biggest Cause of Rising Emergency Room Visits

The term weed (is the slang word for cannabis) has arisen in the 1920s. Later on in1929, it becomes popular knowing as “marijuana cigarette.” While weed culture isn’t new these days, it is mostly centered on male smokers, young age group people especially those who are tensed because of family problems, studies or something else. They think smoking weed will reduce their pain and anxiety but aren’t aware of its harmful side. Weed is now legalized in many parts of the world which is great news but legalization has come up with few rules & regulations which must be followed by all. Also, a few years back the trend of online weed delivery wasn’t in much demand but now the services got the hookup. 

How to consume weed?

2 Commonly Used Methods of Weed Consuming

• Smoking

The most popular method is smoking. The psychoactivity of THC makes it quickly into the bloodstream producing the well-known “high.” Studies concluded that smoke whether it is a weed or not is harmful, in the long term, for the lungs and bronchial. However, scientists are still working on knowing a connection between smoking weed and lung cancer. It is not yet proven. 

• Vaporization

Vape these days are much in demand by youngsters. It is a great option who wants to avoid the harmful effects of smoking. Moreover, vaporization eliminates those free radicals that are derived by smoking and damage cells.

Is Legalization Of Weed Is The Reason Of Rising Emergency Room Visits?

Cannabis is a dangerous substance but no studies have proved it to be the standalone cause of lungs cancer. The emergency room is usually reserved for cases like asthma attacks, heart attacks, accidents, etc. where patients require immediate care. The researchers later concluded that 2/3 of the patients they studied were suffering from depression and excessive use of alcohol and that a significant number of patients have consumed other drugs before their emergency room visits.

 According to others, mixing alcohol and cannabis can dangerously accelerate impairment by increasing the THC levels in one’s bloodstream. Clearly, more qualitative research should be made in this field to prove that whether marijuana is the biggest cause of the rise in emergency room visits or its just a factor. 

Last words

Looking for online weed delivery? You can safely enjoy online Weed Delivery if permitted in your region. Search Google for high ranked genuine websites and you will get hundreds of results. Not all suppliers are true in their dealings so you have to be very careful when ordering your weed product online. For example, a fake supplier can deliver you expired product or that is made of poor quality. Therefore, you will need to search for the best one. Talk to your friends about it whether they have experienced online weed shopping or not. 

In USA and Canada, people walking on streets offer weed to strangers just to make their money. You can never trust these people. If you love yourself ––spend a bit more to get the best quality weed product.  

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