How An Onion And Gatorade Can Help Charge A Phone? A Joke or Just a Hack?

by Munim
Onion And Gatorade Can Help Charge A Phone

Like our car keys, bobby pins and sanity, phone chargers are experts when comes to disappearing. What makes us more annoying if we’re listening to our favourite two-hour DJ mix when suddenly iPod battery begins to die––we start rushing here and there to connect the charger, suddenly found that it is being used by our mom or dad or maybe we lost it. There are still 40 minutes remaining on that mix, and charging is left just 2%. Panic!

Ever thought what could be an alternate to a charger?

Because food makes our mood better, it can help also in charging smartphones. Shocking? Yes, it is.

How a vegetable which we eat in our daily life, would now also help us in solving this daily life problem of charging?

For this project, we need a few items such as: one large onion, iPhone charging cable, a glass to hold Gatorade and some Gatorade of course. Also, our sports energy drink contains electrolytes (electrically charged mineral salts such as calcium, sodium and potassium) that will break down the onion cells and release some form of energy.

Take an onion, place firmly on the table and grab a screwdriver. Next, poke two holes one in each side, with a screwdriver––this is going to help electrolytes penetrate into the onion. Make sure holes are large enough to take inside a USB cord.

Now take two cups of Gatorade or PowerAde or any other energy drink and submerge an onion directly into the liquid, make sure the holes are completely covered by liquid. In order for this to work properly, we need to leave the onion in the solution for at least 30 minutes.

After half an hour we will see half of our liquid penetrated and existed inside the onion. So go ahead and grab the onion, dry off all the excess fluid it absorbs. A kitchen towel might be useful to dry off the onion.

Now plug one end of the USB cord into an iPhone and the other end into the vegetable. Praying it to be work…Will it work? Yes, it should fire right up and start charging the device. Wondering!

Last words

You should be able to charge your phone for about 10 to 15 minutes using this method and that’s assuming, of course, you soaked it long enough to absorb electrolytes. However, the smell of onion mixed with fruit flavoured sports drink is enough to make you retch.

There are thousands of video explaining how you can charge your phone using onion and Gatorade. And the videos have been viewed by more than 10 million people since uploaded. Will you be using this trick? If yes, run the instructions in your head again––once you get success, charging will be no problem for you.

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