Hello Ladies! Learn to Recreate Brigitte Bardot’s Mermaid Braid- Iconic 60s Look

by Munim
Learn to Recreate Brigitte Bardot's Mermaid Braid

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body which to an extent reflects our personality. However, most people tend to neglect their hair and concentrate more on face and outfits. They feel that they can make any hairstyle as long as it does not make them look terrible. But they don’t realize that they are missing out the best opportunity to enhance their beauty by not selecting an appropriate hairstyle.

Who is Brigitte Bardot? And why her hairstyle is so famous?

The famous actress and model brought into fashion a hairstyle known by her name Brigitte Bardot (a sort of beehive hairstyle).  This French actress Bardot sporting a beehive in 1962. And the unique thing about Brigitte Bardot (BB) Mermaid Braid look is that it is the combination of both BB. half updo and the half upbraid. She said that she cherishes both these hairdos so much that she thought to consolidate them together for a new style. Well, this hairstyle best suits long hair.

How to make BB Mermaid Braid?

Here we are going to tell you how to make the famous BB Mermaid Braid in an easy way. So keep reading!

Step 1 / Prepare hair by spraying Original Dry Shampoo into the root area to add great volume and texture. Make sure to rub it well and brush thoroughly. Next, at the back of the crown, separate a portion of the head to backcomb the hair (underneath to create volume).

Step 2 / Take the same portion of hair and then work from each side–backcombing section into the middle of the head to meet the back.

Step 3 / Split the hair into three sections to create a braid. Beginning with a regular braid, cross the side strands over the middle part.

Step 4 /Next, on the left side, take a small hair section to add it into the braid–– to create a French braid.

Step 5 / Repeat step number four on the right side.

Step 6 / Then incorporate the small sections of hair into the French. To finish––do Hairspray.

Step 7 / Continue braiding, working towards the front hairline.

Step 8 / Repeat number four to seven steps until the hair strands around the face and above the ears are combined into the braid.

Step 9 / Tie off the end of the braid. It would be best to use an elastic band.

Step 10 / Moreover, we can also tie a hair ribbon over the elastic band to hide it. The majority of girls love red ribbons. But it is advisable to tie a ribbon which best suits the dress.

Ready to leave?

It’s an elegant DIY look that will last you through all four seasons. Now, put eyeliner and coat your lashes with mascara. At the final step, apply your favourite lip colour to achieve a modern look at this retro trend. Now, you’re good to go outside! 

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