3 Good Things to Know Before Looking For a House on Rent in Posh Locality

by Munim
House on Rent in Posh Locality

Whether a person is looking for an apartment or a house on rent, he or she may already be aware of the rising property prices in posh localities. No doubt, looking for a new place can be exciting but not exactly enjoyable because of the stress of paying higher rents each month–––one probably need a strong heart.

So before someone start looking for dream house on rent, keep in mind the following steps that will help make the hunting process simpler.

1.Some Landlords Require Background Check

Don’t think all prospective landlords will accept tenant’s request. Landlords are often reluctant to provide their property on rent if prospective tenant has a history of bankruptcy or other claims. Especially property owners of posh communities set strict parameters against their prospective tenants because the rents of their properties are beyond the affordability of an average salaried person. Therefore, a detailed background check is a must for them.

2. Rent Can Increase

Finding an affordable house or a flat on rent is extremely difficult if a person is tight on a budget. But if someone finds it, be ready to pay higher rents in the future. Yes, the rental prices aren’t fixed and can be increased over the time. So be prepare for this future increase and decide wisely today.

3. Inspect the Property

Before finalizing a rental agreement, a final walk through inside the property with the property owner is a must. It would be better if prospective tenant ask a home inspector to join them in the final meeting as they are more experienced in inspecting the premises and may point out something important to consider.

What are the Basic Tenant Obligations under The Landlord-Tenant Law?

The rules as per the tenancy act are:

  1. To pay the rent at the required time, as per tenancy agreement. If a tenant does not pay rent on time, a landlord can issue an eviction notice.
  2. Take care of the rental unit. Keep it clean, and not damage it.
  3. Do not interfere with the landlord’s rights.
  4. Cannot do anything illegal on the property.
  5. Do not threaten neighbors or other people.
  6. Move out of the rental unit at the time specified under the tenancy term.
  7. If want to leave the property before the time lapse, give the required notice in writing along with the reasons for moving early.
  8. Do not change the locks.

Contractual obligations

Tenants are also bound to follow the rules set in the rental agreement such as:

  • If the landlord doesn’t allow having pets in the rental unit, don’t bring them along with you.
  • If smoking isn’t allowed in the rental unit; don’t smoke.
  • Late night parties and use of alcohol if prohibited by the landlord––follow it strictly. A failure to do so can result in eviction without any notice because the restriction was already included in the contract.

Bottom line:

Once you enter in the contractual agreement you have to obey all the rules set by your landlord, otherwise, you will end up with a lot of financial and other problems.

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