Facebook Advertising: Create Facebook Ads for a Travel Agency

by Munim
Create Facebook Ads for a Travel Agency

Facebook ads are best for targeting customers across the world. There is no other best method other than advertising a small business on Facebook. It’s an inexpensive advertising strategy that helps a business owner to gather a large audience in a very short period. Moreover, it allows a person to target a specific audience based on sex, location, interests, age, online behavior, and many other factors.

No magic will revolutionize a business. Over the past few years, Facebook represents a huge marketing medium for Travel Agencies around the world.

What Are The Rules For Creating Facebook Ads For Travel Agencies?

Creating Facebook ads is very easy–– create a solid eye-catchy headline, a bit of informative copy, relevant images, and a link. Read below to learn more about it.

1. Choosing the Objective

Before creating Facebook ads for a travel agency a person must know what a business objective is. In the Facebook Ads Manager, the following objectives are outlined that a person can choose from:

  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Catalog sales
  • Store visits

 Any of the above Objectives could be used for creating Facebook ads for a travel agency. Suppose, if someone wishes to increase the traffic of his website landing page then he should choose “Traffic,” as his Objective.

 Note: There will always be one objective of each Facebook ad.

2. Choosing the Right Targeting Options

Audience loves great deals. The secret to the success of an online travel portal is offering exciting last minute deals to the audience to convert lookers into bookers. Deals could be related to special room rates, car rental bargains, and or cheap airfares, etc., and will also create brand awareness for a travel agency. Target people on Messenger: A person can use Facebook Messenger to interact with the audience by sending the deals directly into messenger boxes.

Likewise, to boost the campaign for a travel agency, it is advisable to create an eye catchy Facebook Ads that will help drive more calls and bookings.

3. Create Video Ads

Facebook is a smart platform. And the best way to attract Facebook audience is through Video Ads! Create fantastic Video Ads for travel, because it is a highly visual industry so a business owner must take experts help! The recommended daily budget for Facebook travel ads depends on a variety of things. Firstly, look at the data that is available already. Increase conversions with a retargeting campaign! Basically, Facebook retargeting campaign gives a business owner a second chance to communicate with their respected travllers.

That way, a person will be able to figure out:

 • What works?

• What conversion rates are?

• What average cost-per-click is?

Last words

Building connections in today’s business environment is a challenging task but Facebook, of all the social media outlets, is the best platform to help grow small valuable businesses. With a strong increase in use of social media platforms and online travel bookings, it is essential to offer travelers multiple channels to book their travels on.

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