Chinese University Unveils Amazingly Lifelike Robot Named “Jia Jia”

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Lifelike Robot Named “Jia Jia”

HEFEI, April 15 (Xinhua)-Meet Jia Jia the first interactive (Al humanoid) robot developed in Hefei (the capital and largest city of Anhui Province in China). China’s ‘robot goddess’ was developed by Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues, the researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The developer’s claims ‘Jia Jia’ is the world’s most realistic ever made robot looks like a real beautiful woman who is in her early twenties.

All beauty, no substance?

Jia Jia is an intelligent robot, programmed to recognize human interaction, people conversation, control body movements, facial expressions and so on…She has rosy red cheeks, long flowing locks as a real human and has autonomous navigation and position which offers services based on cloud technology.

Jia Jia can speak; speech that syncs with her lip movements refers its male creators as ‘lords.’ During the unveiling, Chen said hello to his robot which immediately responded, “Yes my lord, what can I do for you?” Her eye-catching natural facial expressions has gained everyone’s attention when greeted the audience at university’s multi-media centre, said, “Hello everyone, I’m Jia Jia. Welcome!” reports Xinhuanet.

Later when an American journalist gets closer to capture her face, she jokes: “Don’t come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will capture my face chubby.” She has deep learning abilities, can even tell people if she senses they are about to take her unflattering picture and people might have to do a double-take when they see her natural eye and lip movements.

According to Chen Xiaoping, “It took him three years to develop this Al humanoid––new generation interactive robot. Jia Jia can show micro-expressions and moves its body naturally. Chen further added, “Compared to previous interactive robots, his new invention robot eyeballs roll naturally, and the lip movement is in sync with its speech. In addition to these cute features she cannot cry or laugh at the moment, and these are areas to be developed.”

According to media, the researchers hope to develop technology that will allow robot to laugh and cry. Likewise, they wanted to advance its intelligence and overcome further technological limitations to let it be looking more natural with broader facial expressions.

Chen added, “We hope to develop deep learning abilities in robot. Moreover, we will make it interact more deeply with the audience and add facial expression recognition feature.  “Chen and his team hoped Jia Jia would become a wise “robot goddess.”

Did you know?

Years later, a life-like replica of Scarlett Johansson–– the most beautiful actress–– made its debut. When its creator tells her she looks cute, she winks and giggles naturally. But Chen Xiaoping’s robot goddess is China’s first ultra-realistic robot praised for its lip-syncing abilities and natural eye-rolling as compared to previous models. Chen further revealed that Jia Jia was “priceless” and the researchers wouldn’t consider mass production, yet.

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