Bad Teeth Brushing Habits We Need to Quit Right Now!

by Munim
Teeth Brushing Habits We Need to Quit

It feels so bad to know that we have been brushing our teeth wrong since childhood. All the members of the family have been doing the same way and in all of this time, no one even bothered to find the right way. Well, we can go on to learn and change the way of brushing our pearly whites correctly. So without any further ado, we would like to discuss a few questions/answers that come in our mind regarding brushing our teeth right way. Let’s begin!

Does the choice of the toothbrush matters?

Firstly, the most important thing is to get the best brush available in the market. However, it is not necessary that the best toothbrush (manual or power one) will be the most expensive one. But it would be better to consult a dentist about the best brand available in the town. Moreover, dentists prefer a softer tooth-brush for everyone as it will never destroy enamels, and will keep our gums healthy for a longer period of time.

*Note: The bristles need to be soft enough to bend–– to get right under our gums.

How to hold a toothbrush?

Another thing to make tooth brushing habit right is to hold the tooth-brush lightly and calmly. There is no need to hold it with full hands or to press it against the teeth so hard that gums after a while start bleeding––hold a brush with thumb and a finger. That’s it!

Is it fine to brush our teeth immediately after finishing a meal?

Most of the people do such stupid mistakes; we certainly need to avoid brushing just after having a meal. It might not be the best thing from a health perspective, as advised by dentists. Likewise, if we have brushed just now, we should avoid eating our next meal for at least 15-30 minutes.

How to divide the brushing time?

This is yet another common mistake that we all do. We do not divide the brushing time properly and end up giving less time to a few parts of our mouth. In order to avoid this, we should divide our mouth into four parts and then spend at least 30 seconds in each part to make sure that we have given each part the time it deserves.

Some of the people might have never done this before––but as it––goes they might need to start flossing a bit more often than they usually do. It is because there are some elements that get stuck between our teeth and that we do not get away even after brushing properly. So in those cases, flossing is required.

Give attention to gums

Last but not the least, the one thing that we really insist is to pay attention to your gum line too! Apart from this, the tooth-brush that you choose should be clean––make sure to discard it after using every 3 months.

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