A Short Guide on Functional Fitness

by Munim
Functional Fitness

What is Functional fitness? The term ‘functional fitness’ refers to workouts that aims on building a body capable to performing routine-life activities in real-life positions. It’s more about training that is intended to make a person stronger in life.

For many people, exercise helps maintain their quality of life, whereas, the concept of functional fitness exercises is to develop muscles to perform everyday activities efficiently.

What do we do in our daily lives that we need to be stronger at?

There are tons of activities but 4 common activities that all of us normally perform and want to be strong in:

  1. Carrying heavy objects. 
  2. Holding up own body weight.
  3. Pulling or pushing heavy objects.
  4. Getting up and down off the ground. 

If a person is strong at all the above mentioned 4 elements, he or she is probably fit. And to further improve the body strength, it is advisable to incorporate functional fitness in daily routine––to stay fit year-round.

Components of Functional Fitness (FF)

FF is known as one of the latest gym buzzwords in the fitness industry. These activities include strength, the range of motion, balance/coordination, power, and mobility. According to the American Council on Exercise, movements such as walking, jumping, running, sprinting, jogging, lifting, bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, starting, stopping, turning, and standing, will be made easier to improve strength and range of motion.

Other examples of movements that use multiple joints include:

  • Multidirectional lunges- preparing the body to perform the task such as vacuuming and yard work.
  • Standing bicep curls

What are the 5 best functional exercises?

  1. Deadlifts (pick up heavy objects off the ground)
  2. Turkish Get-Ups
  3. Farmer’s Carry (carry heavy things)
  4.  Sled Push/Pulls
  5. Push Press (using legs and arms together)

Note: There are dozens of videos uploaded on YouTube explaining each exercise in detail. Before you begin, do check the videos for direction.

Is Functional Fitness a Right Choice for ALL?

If functional fitness sounds interesting, do consider “how a person will be completing these exercises?” We advise to start at a beginner’s pace and try making oneself comfortable into it. Whatever method a person chooses, functional fitness ensures goals are realistic and achievable. However, it would be best to consult a fitness expert.

Likewise, as a person becomes adjusted to this style of training, he or she could try adding more resistance. While group fitness classes may sound interesting but an individualized program tailors the exercises according to individual goals and that guarantees success.

Last words

Make sure your workouts make you better at holding your own body weight, carrying heavy objects; pushing/pulling heavy objects and getting up and down off the ground. As a person incorporates more functional exercises to daily workout, he or she will see improvements in the ability to perform daily activities––as a result–– improved quality of life. That’s how functional fitness payoff.

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