6 Super Easy Ways to Transform an Old T-Shirt into a New One

by Munim
Transform an Old T-Shirt into a New One

It is a fact that no matter how many clothes both men and women owns they will always need to buy some new ones. A dress creates an impression on people so one has to pay attention to it. But considering the monthly wages, not everyone can afford new clothes. Don’t worry! We have come up with some smart solutions for those people who are tired of wearing the same designed t-shirts every day and also don’t want to spend any money.

Let’s begin!

1. Attach an attractive piece of cloth

 All of us have some pieces of clothes at home that are of no use so why not utilize those? Take an old t-shirt and match one such piece of cloth with it. Now, cut the back of the t-shirt to stitch the matching piece of cloth with it. Don’t forget to add a pocket at the front of the shirt from the same piece of cloth because that is going to look amazing!

2. Show painting skills

How’s the idea of painting an old t-shirt? Of course, great! A good painter can show off his or her painting skills to re-design an old t-shirt into a new one. It could be anything, such as text or any image.

3. Shred-it

Ever seen those pants that are shredded from the thighs? How about using the same technique on a t-shirt? Take a razor and simply use it to shred the sleeves of a shirt and it will look like those expensive shirts that we often buy from the boutiques. Looks stylish, doesn’t it?

4. Make it sleeveless

At times we even get tired of our old t-shirts because of their sleeves and the way they look so. No problem, we can turn them into a cool and breezy halter tank to wear for a casual hangout with friends. Just cut the sleeves!

5. Dip away

Love to play with colours? A person can make a cool colour combination for a new ombre tank top. Simply dip an old shirt in the paint to transform it into a new and gorgeous one. Light colours would do the job because they make a person look fresh in the summer season.

6. Add some pearls and beads

Wearing a t-shirt does not necessarily mean that it has to be plain always. A person can put up anything on it to make it look beautiful. Girls love to add pearls and beads from any piece of jewellery that they no longer wear. So, isn’t it the best way to put jewels to good use?

How to deal with an oversized shirt?

Oversized t-shirts can also be turned into a Peplum top. This requires some amazing sewing skills with a little bit of patience and creativity.

Last words

The above-mentioned DIY ideas of turning your old shirt into a new one is surely a bit lengthy––but once you are done; you will have a new outfit to wear on your date. Moreover, you might also like the iron-on transfers which are not going to take much of an effort. So hurry up and choose your style. You are never going to run out of clothes now as long as you use your creativity and imagination to transform the old ones into some gorgeous ones.

Thank you for reading!

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