5 Assumptions Tenants Believe To Be True About the Property Rental Process

by Munim
True About the Property Rental Process

Tenants usually have assumptions and misinformation about the rental process. This may due to their first renting experience and so they are ignorant of all the things that go into managing properties.

If a person has preconceived negative stereotypes already drilled into his or her heads regarding the rental process, this blog will help them make a good start with their prospective landlord.

What tenants assume usually?

Assumption: 1

I will not get the security deposit back

A security deposit that tenant keeps with the landlord is all of a tenant until they take good care of the property. Keep the property in the same condition as given at the time of possession and the landlord will be happy to refund 100% deposit amount.

Assumption: 2

I need to pay all due bills

Why would tenants pay for the thing they didn’t use? He or she will be only responsible for the dues which occur after entering the house. Remember, all electricity, gas, maintenance, telephone bills are landlord’s responsibility until the tenant enters the house.

Assumption: 3

Landlord makes property visit every week

That’s not true. Practically, landlords don’t visit every month. But they may start visiting if they found or have heard about some suspicious activity going inside the rented property. In this case, they would love to make frequent surprise visits. So, a tenant responsibility is not to misuse the property or breaching the other terms of the lease agreement.

Assumption: 4

I cannot ask for major repair work

A tenant is living on someone else property. So a property owner is responsible for all major repair work. For example, the roof starts leaking; cracks on the wall, wiring problems, etc. all will be the landlord’s job to fix the issue. However, if a tenant is responsible for the loss or damage of any item, the landlord will not pay for that. And if not repaired by the tenant during the tenancy period, the landlord owns a right to deduct that amount from their security deposit.

Assumption: 5

Immediate eviction

As per the rental agreement, landlords are bound to serve their tenants a one month notice period before eviction. But if anyone asks to leave their property immediately; breaching the terms of the agreement, a tenant has the right to take them to the court.

Communication Is the Key

Perhaps the most unpleasant issue faced by both landlords and tenants is ‘bad communication.’ Both of them must take care of the communication skills, otherwise, this relationship will not work. For example, a broken stove or late rentals should not be the reason for immediate eviction. At the first meeting, just be clear about what both expect from each other.

In short, landlords should effectively communicate all rental terms and conditions, and house rules to the tenant in advance of entering the house. Likewise, a tenant should act politely, ask questions in a good manner and must follow all commitments made at the time of signing the tenancy contract.

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